Learn How to Play Live Blackjack by Following These Tips

The traditional card game of live blackjack draws a lot of players. It’s easy to play because all you have to do to win is beat the dealer at the live casino to a total of 21. Even more excitingly, you can employ the best methods to lower the house edge dramatically.

If you’re still a live dealer blackjack newbie, this essay is directed at you. You’ll pick up some wise advice that will enable you to play this traditional card game expertly.

blackjack live dealer strategy

In the top live casinos, playing live blackjack is among the simplest activities you may engage in. Before placing a wager, players first select the blackjack game they want to play. The dealer will next deal two cards on each side, and you will choose your stake size. Obtaining both a face-up and a face-down card is the dealer. The hole card is the card that is lying flat. The worth of the other cards is their pip value, and keep in mind that the ace counts as either 11 or 1. To beat the dealer, you must strike blackjack or a number close to 21.

Best blackjack techniques for live casinos

Tip #1: Pick your table wisely.

Any blackjack game is easily accessible to beginners. However, intelligent players pay attention to the payouts at the table. Typically, the payout ratios for blackjack games are 3:2 or 6:5. But what distinguishes these tables?

Blackjack 3:2 offers a payout of $3 for every two winning hands, or odds of 1.5:1, for a winning hand. However, the payout for a 6:5 table is $6 for every five hands or 1.2:1 odds. This difference might appear negligible but will impact the overall win percentage. The majority of live casinos, thankfully, offer 3:2 paytables.

Tip #2: Refuse to purchase insurance

When the initial cards have been used up, and the dealer presents an Ace, a side bet called insurance becomes available. The insurance bet is separate from the initial wager, like other side bets in blackjack. Additionally, to win, you must release 50% of your chance. Does that sound good?

But this seductive side bet is a clever ruse to raise the house’s advantage. The problem is that the dealer’s chances of drawing an Ace when they have one are only about 33%. This wager might not be worthwhile if you factor in the 2:1 payout.

Tip #3: If the dealer shows an Ace, don’t double down.

If you’re a beginner at blackjack, learn when it’s wise to double down. Increasing your original wager by up to 100% is known as “doubling down.” Players receive an extra card in exchange, and the questioned player remains.

In light of the preceding, never double down when the dealer displays an Ace. They have an excessively high possibility of reaching the magic number, which is why. Also, avoid going all-in if your hand worth exceeds 11, as you risk busting.

Tip #4: Double down when it makes sense.

You should use the blackjack method of doubling down because it works. If you double down with a hand total of 11, your chances of hitting 21 or something close to it are excellent. If you have a soft 17 or a hard 11, picture getting an Ace.

When it comes to soft and hard cards, double down if you have a soft 18, 17, or 16, and with a hard 10 or 9, you can also double down. However, in both situations, the dealer must hold a card with a low rank (2–6).

Tip #5: To strike or not to strike?

Blackjack players frequently hit and stand. By touching the table, a player can switch to request a new card. On the other hand, standing involves keeping your total and putting the game to rest. Depending on the dealer’s hand, you can use any approach you like.

If you have a 10, you should hit if the dealer presents an Ace or a 10-value card because they have a reasonable possibility of getting a 10. But if your hand has more than 17, you should stand up or risk bursting. So, strike on 8 or fewer and remain standing on 12 or more.

Tip #6: Take part in live versions of the game.

Blackjack is an adaptable live casino game with numerous variations. Live casino rooms offer several different live blackjack variations. The objective is to offer players a satisfying and enjoyable experience while preserving the game’s classic appeal.

Think about Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack, for instance. In this game, players receive a ton of random multipliers that, on a winning hand, can reach 2x to 25x. On live dealer blackjack variations, you could win a fortune if you’re fortunate.

Last Words of Wisdom

You see, several techniques to outsmart the house in its own game. You can count cards, employ bonuses, split cards, and other strategies mentioned above.

But here’s a caution: don’t bank on anything, as luck greatly influences blackjack outcomes. Another point is that, whatever your efforts, the house will always be at an advantage. Enjoy yourselves, then!