How to Win Playing Craps Live

One of the best thrilling and exciting live casino games to play at the best live casinos is craps. With the possible exception of blackjack and poker, craps have one of the lowest house advantages. Additionally, because it’s so simple to play, craps will pay off for you more frequently than most live games.

Nevertheless, despite all the guarantees, some players still find the craps game challenging to grasp and excel at. This beginner’s tutorial aims to make it simple for you to play and succeed at live online craps.

How to play live craps

Learn the craps rules and how the game pays out before diving into online live craps techniques. First, a shooter is a participant who participates in a game of craps with other players. The two six-sided dice are thrown by this individual, with the first roll referred to as the come-out roll. The shooter may succeed or fail, and other players may also guess the result.

The dealer is typically the shooter in real-time online casinos. After rolling the dice, they reveal the outcome. In certain games, the sum is visible on the computer or mobile screen. The round ends, and players forfeit their Pass Line bets if the total is 12, 3, or 2. On the other hand, if the come-out roll is an 11 or a 7, the Pass Line prevails. When that happens, the shooter keeps rolling until a 10, 9, 8, 6, or 4 shows up. This figure becomes a critical idea.

Odds and bets for craps

Do you know why novice players detest the game of craps? The enormous quantity of wagers. Nevertheless, you’ll discover that these bets are relatively simple to understand.

Pass line wager

The friendliest craps wager predicts that the shooter will score the specified number of points. In other words, if the come-out roll is an 11 or a 7 (neutral), the player wins; otherwise, they lose. The payout on the wager is 1:1, which means you win one dollar for every $1 staked.

Line bet against Passing

The pass-line bet is opposed to this. If the come-out roll is natural, you lose; if it’s a 3 or 2, you win. If it is a 12, though, it is a push or a tie with the casino. This gamble pays off 1:1 if the shooter rolls a 3 or 2, much like the pass line wager does. If a “point” is made, it pays out similarly.

Come wager

Despite being put after a point has been established, this wager functions like the pass line wager. In other words, bets on 7 and 11 win, while wagers on 12, 3, and 2 lose. Different values result in a point and a fresh roll after that.

Don’t come bet.

The come bet is being reversed in this instance. Players win after setting a point if it’s a 3 or 2 and lose after it’s an 11 or 7. 12 results in a draw, while the other numbers result in a victory after setting a point if it’s an 11.

Which craps approach is most effective?

No craps strategy, in all honesty, ensures victory over the house. This is because live craps are a game of chance. However, there is trust because you can use a few successful strategies.

Place those line wagers.

If you’re still a novice at playing live online craps, keep your money by concentrating on line betting. This simple wager, known as the pass line, forecasts that the shooter will succeed on their come-out roll, while the don’t pass line forecasts failure. Stay away from such exotic wagers unless you are an expert at craps. These craps bets, however, may have a low payoff percentage compared to other types.

Discover the house edge.

Craps has a house edge, even if it is small compared to other live games at the finest live casinos. And as you may already be aware, your odds of winning the wager increase with decreasing mathematical advantage. The lowest house edge is 1.36% for the don’t come and don’t pass wagers. At 1.41%, the pass-and-come bets perform admirably as well. Therefore, when playing online live craps, always place these wagers.

Useless betting systems

On even cash bets like pass and come bets, betting strategies like the Paroli and Martingale systems are particularly successful. But in reality, they don’t alter your circumstances. For instance, the Martingale strategy suggests that players double their wagers following a loss. But they fail to mention that to win, and players require a sizable bankroll. Even worse, even if it’s only 0.5%, the live casino already has a mathematical advantage.


Are you prepared to play the tense online live craps game at last? Hoping so! This table game has one of the lowest house edges and is one of the simplest to play. But always keep in mind that the majority of betting strategies don’t work in games of chance like craps. But stick to wagers with a little house edge.