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What is a Download Casino?

First things first, a download casino can be defined as an online gambling site which allows players to download the casino software onto their computer. The software is then installed on the computer’s hard disk. The best online casinos provide their players with a step-by-step guide on how to install the software. When the installation process is concluded, the casino provides the player with a prepared package, where they are able to access and play casino games via the download. However, before you can download the casino software, you need to have installed a Windows operating system.

More so, some casinos have the download option as the only option for players to access the games. But, our top online casinos recommended here offer both download and no download alternatives.

Benefits of Downloadable Casinos NZ

Download casinos are preferred by most players in New Zealand for various reasons. However, at the end of the day it is a player’s choice to pick where they want to play their favourite online casino games.

Our experts have researched and found the following as some of the reasons why New Zealanders prefer download casinos over no download casinos:

  • Download casinos offer a greater game selection
  • Have the best sound and sleek graphics
  • Download casinos rely less on internet connection compared to no download casinos
  • Greater capacity allowing for exclusive features
  • In most cases, live casino tournaments require a downloaded casino software
  • Players still receive full customer support at download casinos
  • Personal details and other player info is very secure
  • In most cases software download is free, with no costs involved
  • Exclusive download casino bonuses and promotions

Disadvantages of Download Casinos

We know everything has its pros and cons. That is, although download casinos have plenty benefits. They also have a couple of flaws. One of the few disadvantages we’ve mentioned before; download casinos only allow the Windows operating system. Nothing else.

The software capacity is also considered by some as a disadvantage. The size of the software gets quite huge once all the games have been downloaded.  It gets even worse when you play at more than one casino. This often leads to the software eating up your computer space and slowing down the processing speed.

The last disadvantage is that a small number of games download first, and then other games start downloading automatically each time you connect to open the software. Usually online casinos offer more than 600 games including your favourite tables and pokies, so getting all these games will take your time and space. Well, unless you choose to download the games manually and wait for a couple of minutes.


CasinosNZ hopes this guide was really helpful to our Kiwi readers, in deciding whether they would like to download or choose a flash casino version. You can download our best online casino software at the sites listed above and enjoy great gambling.

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