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The most widely used method of filing and withdrawing on AAMS casinos is The Online Postepay. This rechargeable card allows you to immediately deposit the money into your account as well as withdraw it within a few days of your request. In this article we will provide you with all the information necessary for the use of Postepay online and for its activation, inviting you to try it personally to confirm our considerations. Before we start, we can say that The Online Postepay allows you to make withdrawals and deposits on all AAMS online casinos, so you won’t even have to waste time to figure out whether or not the casino you choose will accept such a payment method.

How to request and activate Postepay

To obtain a Postepay, you must go to a post office and request it at the information counter or any other counter. The procedure takes a few minutes and only requires a photocopy of your ID and your tax code. Once the procedure is complete you will be asked to make an initial deposit of 5 euros that will end up in your account. Once you get your card by mail, you can use The Postepay online whenever you want.

How to use Postepay online

Use the Postepay onlineTo make deposits and withdrawals with The Postepay online you will only need to take into account certain data such as first name, last name, card number (number of 16 digits shown on the card) and the safety code on the back of the card. Beware, since to use the Postepay online you never need to type the PIN (the secret 5-digit code you use at the counters to pick up), but only the security code, which is quite different. Therefore, whether you are making transactions on the Italian Post Office website, whether you make online purchases, or deposit on casinos, you will never have to provide the PIN of your Postepay online. Anyway, the online casinos AAMS will never ask you, that’s for sure.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Postepay online

online casino with postpayA time you have chosen the online casino in which to play, you can log in and access the section “cash” or “game account”. To make top-up you will have to click on “deposit” or “recharge” and choose one of the payment methods that you can select. If the Postpay symbol does not appear online, you can click on the VISA Electron or VISA symbol. Once you have filled in the data field with your first name, last name, card number and security code, you will have nothing to do but write the amount you intend to deposit. The same must be done for withdrawals. Play with responsibility and have fun!

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