Can Players Make Money Playing Live Roulette Online?

Only roulette and slots are played on wheels in internet casinos. Although most players prefer the latter, seasoned players prefer the former. The top live casinos offer live roulette, eliminating players’ need to cope with randomly generated results.

However, because roulette is a game of chance, your losing streak may be longer than usual. Don’t give up, though, because LiveCasinoRank specialists are here to provide you with some good roulette advice.

European wheels prevail over American revolutions.

Okay, for seasoned gamers, this point might seem a little apparent. But if you’re still a novice in this field, it might save your life. If European Roulette is available anywhere, including at another live casino, never play the American version of the game.

The American version contains pockets marked “0” and “00,” but the European version has a single green “0.”

What’s the big problem, given that you’ll receive a 1:35 reward if you guess correctly in both games? The difference is that in the European game, players only have a 1 in 37 chance of selecting the correct single number. In the American version, the odds are slightly higher (1 in 38).

Given that the configuration and payout of both wheels are comparable, European Roulette is the obvious choice. Compared to the 5.27% rate on the American wheel, the house edge of 2.7% is almost two times smaller.

Make outside bets to improve your chances of winning.

Now that you can choose a live roulette wheel, it’s time to look at the bets. There are two basic categories of bets on a standard roulette table: outside and inner.

The majority of roulette bets are outside wagers. By making this prediction, you can choose whether the result is odd/even, red/black, or high/low (1-18/19-36).

On the other hand, inside wagers entail projecting the results of specific numbers. If you correctly anticipate that the ball will land on 16, you’ll receive a 35:1 payoff. Additionally, you can divide your inner wager across two to six neighbouring numbers on the wheel.

It only needs common sense to understand that placing outside bets lowers your risk of losing a forecast. This is because your chances of winning these bets are 50/50. But the payout on these wagers is 1:1, even money. That can turn off some high roller players.

Use betting systems sparingly.

Who said that betting systems are not profitable in games of chance like roulette? These gambling techniques might considerably lessen your losing streak even though they don’t guarantee a victory. Gather a sizable bankroll and negotiate a fair price with the casino.

Some players have found the Martingale and D’Alembert betting methods particularly successful in some roulette and craps bets. Players that use the Martingale strategy increase their lost bet limits each time they lose until they win. But in D’Alembert, the bet limit drops after a victory and rises after a defeat.

Use these roulette betting systems sparingly, though. Applying these betting strategies to even-money wagers like odd/even, red/black, and 1-18/19-36 is advised. You can place pass, don’t pass, come, and don’t come bets when playing live craps.

The D’Alembert and Martingale betting systems are intended to be used with bets that have a nearly 50% chance of success. In other words, following a loss, players have an equal probability of winning the subsequent wager. But keep in mind that nothing is assured.

several live roulette games

The internet gambling industry’s competition has pushed live content aggregators to the limit. Modern game designers are constantly creating fresher, more lucrative variations of table games.

Play live roulette variations because they uphold the fundamental principles of the original roulette game. In other words, the inner and outside bets stay the same, and you’ll play on the same table and wheels.

Operators offer alternative multiplier side bets to these games, giving them an entirely new meaning. On a lucky day, these side bets may offer mouthwatering winnings that could change your life.

Play XL Roulette Live by Authentic Gaming, for instance, offers four game variants with multipliers ranging from 50 to 500x on straight-up numbers. Additionally, you can play Evolution’s multi-award-winning Lightning Roulette and use a French wheel with a 500x maximum multiplier.

Not only that. Live roulette Variants allow players to play more slowly, protecting their bankrolls. With variations like Casino Floor Live Roulette and Grand Roulette Live enabling players up to 55 seconds to place a wager, Authentic Gaming is again the undisputed expert at this.


You see, there are roulette tactics that do the trick. Although the reward is a bit meagre, betting on outside bets boosts your chances of winning. But now that I think about it, gambling should be mainly for enjoyment. But using these helpful strategies to increase your bankroll is never a bad idea.