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AllSlots Live Casino Review

As well she should, AllSlots is opening the doors past the Jackpots into Live Casino Play. And why not. It’s been more than a decade since AllSlots began dominating the Progressive Jackpot Industry. She is now carrying the Microgaming live software in the skirmish for Live Players descending on the net. Same players, same type of games… just more Live. The look of the site is a bit Spartan. Well Canadians are like that. I have only been there once but I do know some Canadians. They are very humble, frugal and serious people as a group. You get that feeling from Allslots web site design. The administrative personnel at Allslots are down home and easy to talk to. I communicate with them quite often. So every thing feels homey and secure. Log in to their Live Game and we go from “Mom” to a night out on the town… fast. Microgaming’s live games are anything but Mom. The croupiers are gorgeous and professional. The lighting and decor is right out of Galactica. The feeling is some how exciting and tranquilo at the same time.

Have you ever been scuba diving. It is that same feeling of clarity, security and an element of danger all rolled up into Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack. It is that dangerous feeling you get when you have placed too much on a wager but you just “had to”. The wheel is spinning and the ball is looking for home…. That is the feeling you get at Mom’s casino when you click into her live gaming. It’s great!

AllSlots Live Game Menu

All Tables incorporating the Cammegh Roulette Wheel

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Microgaming Live Games Studio Streaming

  • Live Roulette (European single zero at a table by yourself)
  • Multi-Player Roulette ( European single zero at a table seated with 7 other players)
  • Multi-Player BlackJack (standard blackjack- at a table with 7 other players)
  • Dragon Bonus Baccarat (at table all by yourself)
  • Multi-Player Baccarat (same as Dragon but at table with 6 other players)


Accessing the Live Games

Accessing the live games is a snap. You have two choices, play in the browser or download and place it on your desk top. Both are very similar. The differences are hardly worth mentioning. It all depends if the player is on a Mac or if he simple likes a browser for play. One very unique function that Microgaming is known for, is being able to have access to more than one table at the same time. You can have these with wagers that you place, or use the support function you can program to place wagers for you. Multiple tables with auto-bet… only at Microgaming!

Bonuses For AllSlots Live Players

Welcome bonus of 200e and even a 10% cashback on all deposits… always.

Bonuses at AllSlots, compared to other live casinos is better than many… even most. That is why AllSlot’s has made our Best Live Casino Bonus page. For the full review of their highly rated live bonuses see AllSlots Live Casino Bonuses Review. It’ll tell you exactly what you are getting into when going after their welcome bonus. Sometimes bonuses are set to trap the deposit. At AllSlots it is not… most definitely not. You may withdraw when ever you like with all your winnings and your deposit. There is really no downside. The play through is even kept track for you with the ClearPlay Bonus Accounting System. What is more Allslots uses the Microgaming PlayCheck Tracking System which keeps a detailed accessible history of every spin and deal.

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Deposit & Withdrawal At AllSlots Casino

Available deposit methods are:

Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro Diners, ECO, Netteller, Click2Pay, Moneybookers, Instabank, UseMyFunds, Ukash, person2person, paysafe, Sofort, PostiPay, UseMuBank, TSI, eziPay, entropay and Ticket Premium.

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Allslots Contacts & Int. Casino URL’s

All in all I found support very responsive. Live chat and the above telephone numbers will be all you need. Not wanting to make a phone call I talked to live chat. They were informed and on the ball. This is not the case at many other casinos… depending on your questions. A few days ago I won 300e on one single wager while in the middle of making a video for this review. I was distracted therefore and did not really take note of how I won a 300 euros on a 10 euro wager. I was just happy to have the extra funds and kept on with the review I was composing. So today, one week later, I asked Alen on live chat how to get that info… I was curious. He explained to me about PlayCheck tracking system. I found an instant replay of the wager and ho I won.

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